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Midland Heart

WHOMidland Heart

WHERE?Bath Row, Birmingham

WHEN?2019 - 2020

WHAT?Full replacement – Duplex Passenger / Conventional Full Collective Control

Mid 2000s commercial office property sited on Bath Row on the outskirts of Birmingham city centre, amongst adjacent mixed commercial and residential developments and forming part of a strategic regeneration area of the city.

Works Package

‘Turnkey’ replacement of existing 2No unreliable Orona Arca 2 series traction MRL’s installed mid 2000’s inclusive of all associated equipment, works, attendances and enabling/ finishing builder and electrical requirements.

Replaced by high end open protocol heavy commercial duty MRL traction drive lift systems arranged facilitated by installation of new shaft divisional stringer steels to accommodate the new conventionally guided lift system, effectively eliminating inherent issues with the existing lifts caused by cantilever design.

New top end equipment was used as always with projects conducted by ANSA Elevators in the way of high efficiency AC-PM gearless machines and duplex full collective control system.

As is the case with a lot of ANSA Elevators projects, we work in fully operational live buildings and structure our work to cater for the end user by arranging flexible working plans, including out of hours and weekend working. In this instance, we had to schedule the noisy elements of the work, before and after core hours due to the high-volume phone-based activity that is carried out on daily basis within the building. We installed the stringer steels over two separate weekends to make sure the second phase lift was still operational through working hours.

We successfully installed both lifts on time in a seamless manor with minimal disruption to a very hectic live working office. Our business model is based around directly employed labour; therefore, we can pick and choose a suitable crew for each project we carryout, we have a workforce full of multi-faceted engineers that have worked on a whole host of complicated systems and packages. The other benefit of using in house engineers, is that it provides us with the scope to keep a close eye on quality of installation and instil our high demands in delivering the best possible works package, ultimately leading to a satisfied customer and client base.


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