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Northwards Housing

WHONorthwards Housing


WHEN?2015 - 2017

WHAT?Multiple Lift Modernisation

We undertook a comprehensive modernisation of multiple high rise sheltered housing schemes across the outskirts of Manchester, within the Monsall and Newton Heath areas. We have a wealth of experience in sheltered housing schemes and community-based projects, as with this project and various others undertook by ANSA Elevators.

Works Package

The projects were a partial phased modernisation, retaining some components but integrating new component sets where necessary, these projects included the implementation of top-quality control systems, new safety components throughout, while overhauling the retained traction machines.

As these were phased modernisation works, we set out in the best way possible to achieve the necessary requirements but also left it in a position to further modernise by using bolt on, open protocol equipment, that is compatible and compliant in many different applications. The works package included the opening of the skip stop high rise design floor designations and initiated the implementation of new duplex full collective control arrangement to the building, assisting in better movement of people through the building.

We pride ourselves in that fact that we can work in various sectors and areas, while each area imposes different challenges along the way, we work towards the same company objective of providing the best solution in the most cost conscious manor but also giving the customer a suitable lift lifespan of 15-20 years.. we feel by outlining the key areas in need of improvement with a multi-facetted outlook, it results the best quality, durability and design in all our projects.

Everyone involved with ANSA elevators has a large experience in the industry, with the full management team working in the engineering background previously, the way our projects are designed and constructed is always with quality and feasibility at mind.

By using directly employed labour in all our work, it leaves a common trend of pride and care throughout all jobs from start to finish, all engineers have to be qualified to the highest level in the way of NVQ3, and all assistants will also be on this path to eventually get to the required level, we have a company ethos of promoting and developing from within, giving people the opportunity to enrol on courses and qualifications to best assist their future development.



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