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Hornchurch Court

CustomerHornchurch Court

ServicesManufacture Install Service


Here at Hornchurch Court, ANSA were commissioned to work in partnership with the tenant committee, the landlord and fund managers to deliver a quality and effective solution to an issue which had been causing daily disruption to resident’s lives.


Prior to our involvement the existing two passenger lifts served odd and even floors respectively. This would mean that some residents were having to travel to a floor above or below there residence to then have to use the stairs, some with children, prams and shopping in tow.


The agreed solution was to carry out full replacements of the existing lift controls, utilising energy efficient friendly and intelligent systems.

Structurally we were to open up all floors and provide a full duplex service—effectively doubling the service provision and greatly improving the overall service.

To add to this, full car interior replacements were instructed to meet DDA/EN81-70 to a high quality standard along with upgrading the entire installation to meet EN81 part 1, BS7255 and PUWER. All this completed whilst causing minimum disruption to the occupants of Hornchurch Court.


Once the project had been completed, ANSA had transformed a tedious task for the residents to an easy, stress-free journey from the main entrance to their home.

From the original ‘skip’ stop lifts with every other floor blocked to an all-floors, high quality and reliable lift system fit for purpose that resulted in everyone from the residents, to the landlord to us being very happy with the outcome.


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